Wimbledon SEO Infographic
Make SEO your Doubles Partner to Beat the Competition & Win Wimbledon

To celebrate one of the biggest sporting events of the year, Wimbledon, we share the SEO tips you need to beat the competition.

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Here's what you'll need if you're going to win Wimbledon:

1. Break their serve with competitor analysis

By looking at your competitors, you can see what they are doing well, and identify any opportunities from what they're missing out on. Analyse your opponent, find their weak spots!

2. Ace your serve | Technical Audit

You won't get anywhere with a broken racket. Run an audit of your website to find and fix any technical issues like missing meta-data, alt tags, h1 tags, page titles etc.

3. Advantage | Creative Content

Give yourself the advantage by attracting users through a showcase of creative content. SEO is not all about technical details for search engines, it's about users - so, create attractive content for them!

4. Match Point | Link Building

Gaining trustworthy links from third party websites shows the umpire (Google) that you're equally trustworthy, pushing you to that win.

5. Game, Set & Match | Keyword Planning

By identifying the relevant keywords that your target audience searches for, you can then input them onto your website and be seen by search engines. 

Game set and match!

Now you know our top tips you'll be well on your way to domestic dominance - remember to stay competitive and drive for top spot at the next competition, SEO is all about maintenance after all!

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Created by, Chris