A Day in the Life of our Web Developer, Ben.

 One of our web-developers, Ben, is a talented coder who ensures that all our websites are running smoothly. He works hard to keep them updated and safe, whilst also keeping himself updated in a field that is constantly changing with new trends. Today we’ll look at Ben’s web development process, giving you an insight into the steps he takes to get your website online and performing to the maximum of its capabilities.

Starting the Day

Ben arrives at the office at 9:30am, ready to delve into the complex code and programming that sets up a website ready to receive customers. The morning meeting commences. Ben, the developers and the project managers discuss project timescales and plan what tasks need to be completed.
Ben makes sense of the website script that to me looks like nothing more than an excerpt from ‘The Matrix.’ Until he finishes at 5:30pm, he goes through the process of building websites from scratch. Implementing the features and content that you told our team you wanted during the consultation phase, from initial idea to going live, Ben is the grand architect.


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Working with You

As I mentioned before, during the query stage we hold a detailed consultation with you regarding the key features of your website. Whether you’re getting a bespoke design, or a DS Prime website, we ensure that your website feels like it’s yours.
I sit at the computer in front of Ben and hear him taking calls throughout the day with alterations and updates to customer’s websites. Basically, you want a new house and we’re designing it for you. Ben works to the letter of the mock-up that our designers made and confirmed with you. Leaving you with the final product that is exactly what you asked for.


Testing your Website

Once Ben has the final product, it is then tested thoroughly by different members of our team. This is to double check that every section of your website is working and the online experience is seamless. Any problems found here will be fixed by Ben before we are ready to go live.


Website Training

Not only does Ben build the websites, he also trains you how to use them. He gives you the grand tour and shows you everything you would need to know as an admin of your website. Once the website is launched, you’ll be able to manage and update it yourself!


Web development coding

Going Live

After all this hard work, Ben has the final product. You are happy with it. Ben makes sure the website is receiving traffic and all is well. He can also install the Google Analytics code if you wish so you can track where your customers are coming from and how they are travelling through your site, giving you the opportunity to optimise your marketing to improve these statistics. Even after all of this is done, we don’t just send you on your way and run laughing to the bank. We help you with any problems you have with your website. If for any reason the website has a dip in performance, Ben and the rest of our web team will find out the why and then get it fixed.


Ben is a valued member of our friendly and talented team. He works with you to give you the best product possible, and is always on hand to offer guidance throughout the process. He has been a part of our team for close to two years now, and will hopefully be with us for many years to come!

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Created by, Chris