DS Prime - An Introduction

It’s been several months since we launched our innovative new template-based system; otherwise known as DS Prime. The service has gone from strength to strength drawing more and more interest as time goes by. I’m going to explain to you the what’s and why’s of DS Prime and before long you will want one too.

What is DS Prime?

DS Prime was designed specifically for start-ups and expanding companies as a website solution on a low budget. Our prices start from just £499 and you could be online within 2 weeks. This makes it perfect for our clients who want a quick, simple and, most importantly, cheap website to promote their business. What’s more, our websites can be updated on our easy-to-use CMS system meaning your website can grow as you do.

How does it work?

We have a simple six-step process when it comes to DS Prime;

1) Choose your Package – We have four different DS Prime packages ranging from our most basic right up to our professional package. More information about our different packages are can be found on our dedicated DS Prime website: www.dsprime.co.uk/packages 

2) Select a Template – Now you can choose how you would like your website to look. We have four templates to date, but we have many more in the works! These templates will dictate the basic structure of your website and will give you an idea of layout.

3) Send us Your Content – Once you have decided on a template, we need to know what content you would like on each page. This includes any wording and photos to show off your company. We will send you a simple content guide, giving pointers on what we would recommend for each page.

4) Design Customisation – Now for the fun part! Our web designers will take your chosen template and turn it into a PDF mock-up of exactly how your website will look. At the proposal stage, we will discuss what websites you think look great, any ideas you have for colour schemes and any other information that you would like us to know to make your website perfect. You will get to ask for amendments to the website design until you’re satisfied you have the best result.

5) Build Stage – So you’re happy with the design of your website, what now? We build it. The website will be built on our test server where our web developers will make your dreams reality. Once completed, we will send you a link to view your site in all it’s glory. This brings us into the testing phase where we will make sure that everything works as it should. You will have a chance to feedback at this stage.

6) Website Launch – Now the part you’ve been looking forward to: the website launch! We can either transfer your website onto an existing domain, or host it ourselves. You can find our hosting prices here: www.dsinternet.co.uk  But we’re not done yet! We offer a free 30 days’ support where we will solve any teething problems that may arise. On top of this, we will supply you with a training guide that will explain the ins and outs of your website and how to update it.

We think that DS Prime is awesome, but don't just take our word for it! Here's what one of our DS Prime customers had to say:

"I commissioned DS Creative to design my website – www.kitthorneassociates.co.uk – early in September 2016. They listened intently and asked me lots of questions to help clarify my thinking as to the key messages the website should give. The result was that we had a really productive dialogue and the pilot website was produced very quickly. indeed the final version was ready before the end of September – an impressively rapid turnaround. The website design looks attractive and emphasises key messages about my consultancy business on each page. It was particularly pleasing to be able to integrate a sound file into the curriculum projects page so that pupil voice is literally present on the website! Thank you to Alice and Ben for steering the production of my website so well."

DS Prime Websites 

See some of the DS Prime websites we've launched below:

kit thorne ds website

Template Used: http://dsprime.co.uk/templates/demo/?demo=professional-business-solutions renaint ds prime websiteTemplate Used: http://dsprime.co.uk/templates/demo/?demo=professional-business-solutions

Seven hills ds prime website

Template used: http://dsprime.co.uk/templates/demo/?demo=creative-solutions

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Created by, Charlotte