Elements of a Killer Landing Page

The design and layout of your landing page is key to the success of your website. Landing pages exist to serve one purpose: getting website visitors to move deeper into your website and hopefully purchase and enquire about your goods/ services. Below we've shared some elements of a great landing page.


A good landing page should be uncluttered, short and straight to the point. For example, if you sell cars, your landing page could be a picture of a car, some text about your product and a 'buy now' link. The link encourages whoever has landed on your page to delve deeper into your website. The image of the car and text about your products gives context to the 'buy now' button. Together these elements signify what your website is about and what you want your user to do next. Having a clear message and a simple layout makes an effective landing page.

Relevant Content

Even though it is a good idea to keep your landing page uncluttered, you still need relevant content on the page. Users need to know what you do and what information you are trying to convey. However, when planning content, make sure it is relevant. Quantity of content is a big factor in the effectiveness of a landing page: Don't mystify users with minimal content but don't bore them with an overload of information.

Key content you should include on a landing page:

  • Company logo and information
  • Images
  • Text about your service/product/key message
  • Call-to-action
  • Contact Details
  • Links to useful pages on your website
  • Testimonial/Reviews

Encourage users to visit other pages

You need to keep careful note of all pathways entering and leaving your page. It’s important that you limit exit points such as links that take customers away from your page; your website is where you want customers and visitors to stay so don’t lead them anywhere else. Your main goal is to funnel visitors down a desired pathway, and if links serve as points of departure (social media links), they should be used sparingly, or should be smaller on the page as to not take the lime light from the important information on your pages. 

Think about what key pages you want your customers to visit once they have visited your landing page. What are the pages where users are more likely to convert? This may be a service/product page, a gallery or a case study page. When you have a list of these pages, link the most important ones on the landing page using buttons and call-to-actions. Doing this guides users through your website and encourages them to interact with your website further.

Make it about the visitor

Don’t bore visitors by talking too much about yourself or your company as they have come to your page to see what YOU can do for THEM, so make sure you showcase this where applicable. You could do this by asking questions, such as, 'How can we help you?', or focusing your content on the value your service/product can provide your user e.g. 'increase your sales today.' Using the active voice and directing your content towards the reader will engage them further. 

Great Design

Not everything is about content. You also need to make your landing page aesthetically pleasing. You may have the best content but if your design is dull users are likely to quickly exit your website. The design needs to be flawless and capture your audience’s attention before they read any content information. Quality photography is a great way to attract users, meaning it can be the most important aspect of a landing page. Using key colours and incorporating the latest web design trends is another key way to make your website stand out and look contemporary.

If professionals are designing your website for you, they will be able to offer their expertise on the best ways to form a design that will attract your audience. However, make sure you talk through your ideas, find/ take images relevant to your business to input onto the landing page with them. 

Landing Page Examples


 brodale landing page

Brodale welcomes visitors to their page with a quick summery of what they do and then gets straight into their services and links you to the most important pages within their website. The design is bright and aesthetic whilst not overloading the page with loads of different elements.


portal landing page

Portal’s website also gets straight into welcoming you with what they do and has links to take you further into their website and where you need to be. The three coloured boxes promote key pages, including a case study page. The main navigation also includes a call-to-action 'available properties' button and Portal's main contact details. 

So, you can see from just these two websites there are many ways to create a landing page perfect for your business, with simple guidelines.

If you find your website isn’t following these steps or you want to re-fresh your website, we have all the tools to help you create a website to keep your visitors interested at first glance. All our work is catalogued in the ‘OUR WORK’ tab in the header so if you need inspiration take a look or contact us on 0114 266 9000 or use the live chat to get started on creating your website and landing page today. 



Created by, Dannielle