Recipe For A Showstopper Website

To celebrate the return of the Great British Bake Off, we have shared the essential ingredients for a showstopper website.

What you'll need to create a Showstopper Website

 1. Delicious Design

Design is one of the most important aspects of a website. It helps to attract more visitors and increases engagement. A well designed site builds credibility. In fact, 94% of website users' first impressions are design related. 

2. Catalyst Call-to-actions

Invite users to perform specific actions with great call-to-actions. Think about the main goals of you website. What do you want users to do before they leave the site? Are you an eCommerce site that sells products? Are you a company who offers a service and wants to generate leads? Examples of call-to-actions include ‘get in touch’, 'buy now' and ‘sign up to our newsletter.’ Call-to-actions are usually in the form of buttons that guide a user to make that specific action.

3. Strong Structure

A carefully planned structure helps users to easily navigate and find information. This helps to increase the time a user is on your website and maximises the chance a user will perform the actions you want them to. Great navigational practices include: Clear navigation header, consistent layout/design, logical website sections and breadcrumbs. 

4. Technical Challenge: Code

Developers need to code your site accurately. This will ensure your website works correctly, allowing visitors to easily use your pages. A broken website will dissatisfy users, causing them to quickly leave your site.

5. Star Baker Content 

Quality content helps users to understand what your website is about. Using detailed text and relevant images helps to engage website visitors. Think about the information a user may want from your website and give it to them. If you are a online retail shop, for example, users are likely to want to know the following: product prices, reviews, testimonials, payment options, return policy, customer service process, information about your company, product descriptions and product images. If your website does not contain information a user needs they are likely to search a competitor's website to find it. Great content builds trust.

6. Showstopper SEO

Even the best website will struggle to get visitors without marketing. Search engine optimisation will increase the number of users on your website.

7. Mobile Friendly Design

Over 50% of users access the internet through a mobile device. Your website design needs to be responsive to work perfectly across all screen sizes. See our post here on the dominance of online mobile search queries. The popularity of mobile internet usage means you could lose out on a huge proportion of visitors if you do not adopt mobile friendly design. 


Now that we've shared our top website tips, you'll be able to easily create the best website and become the Internet's star baker. On your marks, get set... BUILD! 


Created by, Alice