Top Website Content Tips

The content and more specifically, the text, of a website is what really gives users the information they are seeking. When clients get a new website they are often focused on the design and the features. Although these are important aspects of a website, the content can sometimes get left behind.

Planning a new website takes time and can leave a few feeling a bit overwhelmed. To give you a kick start, we are sharing our best content tips and advice. We have worked with a wide variety of companies and organisations but no matter who your company is, there are a few content fundamentals that apply to all websites.  

5 Content Essentials

Having relevant call-to-action buttons increases the chance of a user performing an action you want them to complete e.g. ‘Sign Up Now’.

Showcase your credibility through testimonials. Users are more likely to trust and use a company with great testimonials.

Show images or examples of your work. Users always want to see the previous work you have done before they decide to use your services.

Most of the time users want to know one thing – price! If you don’t display any prices users are likely to go to a competitor’s website. If you can't give a price try 'from [price]' or promote that you can provide quick quotes. With the internet, users want price and they want it now. 

Enhanced Contact Details
Ensure your contact details are easy to find. As well as your contact page, think about adding contact details to your website header and footer so users can find them on every page.

Website Content Best Practice

Form your content in a way that makes it easy for users to quickly scan and read. There’s nothing more off-putting than a huge paragraph of text! Some ideas include:

  • Small paragraphs
  • Headings & subheadings
  • Bullet points and lists

A lot of websites don’t contain enough information. Ensure you provide potential customers with enough detail that will make them confident in choosing you over a competitor. For example, if you are a restaurant, ensure your website contains your menu, prices, images of your premises and food, information about booking a table and even a bit of history about the restaurant. The website is aimed at the user so make sure the information they will want is present.

Engaging Text
Although detail is needed, don’t make it boring. Simple ways to make your text engaging:

  • Informal writing
  • Include humour, puns and wordplay (don’t overdo it though!)
  • Use action verbs

Grammar & Spelling
This goes without saying but proof read your website content. Poor spelling looks unprofessional.

On every website project we like to give content recommnedations that will meet your business goals. For more tailored website content tips for your business contact us now!



Created by, Alice