7 Top Local SEO Tips for 2019

When optimising your website for search engines, you can be forgiven for expanding your sights too early and forgetting the most important place to be top of the table – in your own city. When you first start with SEO, you immediately think about the global reach of search engines and become too focused on the big picture, missing out on ranking locally. With that in mind, I’m going to break down the top tips for local SEO so you can implement right away and get your website on the right track. 

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How to Know if your Website is Mobile-Friendly

The first thought of anyone running a website should be your users. Regardless of where you are on a search engine results page, your priority should be the people consuming your content, the rest will follow.

Ask yourself: how are my users consuming my content? The growing trend is that users are on desktops less and less, opting instead for the more practical solution – a mobile device. Mobile phones and tablets are now the go-to device when surfing the web. In the UK, desktop PC sales have now fallen for eight consecutive quarters - the longest decline in the history of the industry, while Google announced in 2015 that web searches on mobile had overtaken those on the desktop, a statistic which has continued into this year.

Now, ask yourself: Is my website mobile-friendly? This question may seem simple and you may answer with a resounding ‘Yes.’ However, how sure are you? You may have tried your website on your device and it was fine, but can you say that this is true for every mobile device? How can you know if your website is mobile friendly? We use three simple tools which don’t involve purchasing several devices and monotonously testing your website for hours.

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Website Heatmaps: Discover what users are really doing

For a business, a website is a hugely important aspect of your marketing and sales strategy. Tracking how your users are responding to your website is crucial to improving the website’s performance. Most of us will do this by reviewing Google Analytics. Although this is a fantastic tool, it only gives you limited data.

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