25 of the Best Contact Us Pages

The ‘Contact Us’ page is a staple of all websites. There is the home page, the about us page, services and of course, the contact us page. The fact that this page has become so engrained in our understandings of the layouts of websites, they are now becoming, well, a little stale. The contact us page can be so much more than a simple wall of text with contact information, and in this digital age there are many websites that have subverted expectations and been bold with the design of their contact us page. Check them out below, and if you are a web designer, you may even find some inspiration.

Boone Selections

boone selections New


A lot of designers fall into the trap of making use of every inch of space available to them, if done poorly, these designs can look messy and are hard to process for a user looking for information. Don’t be afraid of empty space. Boone Selections use a lot of it here, along with animations to catch the eye and it works wonderfully. The original way the website is laid out just forces you to take a closer look and inevitably find what you’re looking for.


Brands to Life

brands to life New

While animations are a great way to catch a user’s eye, vibrant colour will also guarantee you some attention. Brands to Life do this almost excessively with their design, making it impossible to miss. As you scroll you find a map featuring little notes on nearby places that they like – nice touch.


Celine and Jad

celine and jad New


Playing with texture also makes for a memorable contact page, Celine and Jad use an Ombre background here topped off with animated stars and a textured footer background. The design itself looks very clean and doesn’t scream for attention, This approach can work just as well as the ones taken by Brands to Life and Boone Selections.


CPB Group

CPB group New


Another one of the more original designs. Making use of your location is an obvious, if frequently missed, opportunity with contact pages. CPB Group sell their international status beautifully here, with clever use of images and live clock animations.


Creative Sparks

creative spark New


If bright colour, animation, and location selling doesn’t excite you, maybe Creative Sparks use of video will. Video is a hugely popular web design trend throughout 2016/17, a looped video playing in the background urges the user to keep looking, throw in some vibrant colours and you’ve got a guaranteed attention-grabber. They also play with the contact form principle, creating an original layout in the style of a letter to add that finishing touch – but we’ll get more into that next.


Deux Huit Huit

deux huit huit New


A trip over to France and we can now see how you can take the contact form principle and get creative. Deux Huit Huit is not interested in flashy animation or video. Instead it makes the process of asking a question unique and quite enjoyable, encouraging engagement which is ultimately the main goal of any contact page.



dezeynne New


Images of people on websites are a funny thing. If the person in the image is staring at you through the screen, you tend to stare back. And now your attention is on the web page, they’ve got you hooked. The striking us of image and colour make this a highly effective contact page.


Grain and Mortar

grain and mortar New


Sometimes, you don’t need anything hugely flash. A professionally designed, clean contact page can be just as effective as any mad creation you thought of while dosing off in the office. Grain and Mortar do take a creative twist on the popular grid layout by overlaying the images but ultimately here, the important information is easily accessed and presented in a formal attractive way.


Hello Innovation

hello innovation New


Hello Innovation take a page from Brands to Life’s book on catching a user’s attention. The simplicity of using just the contact details with no form, while also slapping the ‘Say Hello’ right across the screen makes for a friendly, hard to miss contact page. The bright colour pops from the screen, mixed with the background patterns this design is sure to catch the users eye and keep it.


Kick Point

Kick point New


As I touched on before, one design ideas for contact pages is to use location in clever ways. Here, Kick Point use their flat design map to create an originality to the page. 


Leeds Golf Centre

leeds golf centre New


Another design that veers on the side of professionalism and simplicity. The clean layout makes use of different shades of blue and an interesting use of triangles and diamonds in the pattern, this is appealing to the eye and the featuring of a map and a simple contact form adds to the overall appeal of this page.


Leg Work Studio

leg work studio New


The use of animation and colour make this contact page stand out. It has an informal style as well, making it seem friendly.


Mary Gober

mary gober New


The use of a solid, vibrant colour, as well as the animations makes this contact page inviting to the user. Even the scrolling on the website is unique, and it is topped off with a simple contact form to make engagement that much easier.



moodboard New


A trip over to Germany presents us with this striking contact page. A video plays in the background all while the contact information is clear and easy to navigate to. The page itself is just that – one page, no scrolling is needed, everything is there in front of you, unlike the others on this list. This makes it clear and easy for the user, the general layout of this website is very simple, but it makes it very easy for the user to engage with.



Nandos New


Bright, colourful, clear. Notice the pattern? The headings are clear and engaging, they make use of quirky shapes and use a friendly tone to encourage engagement. They also provide a variety of contact options to cater for whatever the user needs.


Nebular Agency

nebular agency New


Again, the use of a solid, bold colour is very appealing. The pattern in the background just adds to the overall aesthetic of this page, while the simple contact form makes engagement the natural final step of this website.



parall New


The unusual split-screen layout makes this an attractive contact page with clear instructions and a simple contact form.



stroom New


Now we go to Ukraine to find Stroom’s contact page which implements a large map that fades behind the contact details, spanning over the entire page to stand out and make it easy for users to find them.


Sub Sign

sub sign New


The use of black and white is striking and definitely eye-catching. The text also has a friendly tone throughout with links and images to team members containing illustrative elements which adds to the quirkiness of their website’s design.


Sweet Basil

sweet basil New


The first thing that a user notices here, is the high-quality photography. It promotes the romantic restaurant setting, giving users a taste of Sweet Basil’s dining experience. The striking contrast of the image split against large white-space makes this a very eye-catching design.



toolofna New


This contact page has a simple contemporary design that shows off the company’s international status. It’s easy to read and therefore, easy to engage with.


Totally Tipi

totally tipi New


This has a quirky design with great use of illustration and colour to stand out, all on top of a contact form that is clear and easy-to-use.


Urban Influence

urban influence New


The use of a striking grid layout makes all the important information stand out as well as drawing a user in to take a closer look.


The World Wildlife Foundation



This is a great example of a contact page that knows exactly who its audience is. By including large images of the weird and wonderful wildlife the website is campaigning to protect, a user will have no problem navigating through this page. 


Zoo Digital

zoo digital New


Again, this contact page sits very nicely in the themes you may have noticed throughout these examples. The bold use of colour, striking use of white space, topped off with eye-catching graphics and an easy-to-use contact form. It also utilises different icons to display the differing ways a user can contact the company.


Got any more? Comment down below with your contact page or let us know your favourites from the article!

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Created by, Chris