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Best Log-in Page Designs

A log-in page is so much more that just a form. Well-designed log-in pages help a user to take the plunge to signing up to a website or interacting with it's user-based features. Here are some of the best from around the web.


This simple design is clear and to the point. The user has the option to join using a linked Facebook account or email address, and the information required to complete the form is minimal. The image used also conveys the kind of message Vimeo aims for; exploration and curiosity.

Vimeo log-in


Simple, clear, bold branding. The colour used for Skype’s branding is bright and hard to miss, whilst also being inviting and friendly. Alongside how brilliantly mobile-friendly Skype is, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better log-in page design than this.

Skype log-in

Sergey Shmidt

This dark login form screams sophistication without being boring or cold. The glossy brown button draws attention, and ultimately calls to action.

Sergey Shmidt log-in

Ayana Campbell

This is a warm and friendly design, the log-in becomes an invitation, one that users will struggle to deny. The form itself is simple asking for little detail, making it very easy to complete.

Ayana Campbell log-in


Log-in pages should grab a user’s attention using bold design choices and bright colour and then hold it by using a simple layout that doesn’t ask for the name of a user’s brother, girlfriend, dog, aunty, or mother. Gather only the key information you need – name, email address, no more than 4 fields of information. Test different designs on users and see which they interact the most with. As with most things related to web design, experiment and test!

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