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Why Business Cards Are Still an Important Tool

Business cards are a staple of business marketing. They have lasted the test of time and despite the younger models of email addresses and websites finding prominence the old reliable model of business cards still plays a big part in the marketing strategy of most business. So why have business cards? What do they bring that the digital alternatives don’t?

Personal Touch

The exchange of business cards is a staple of the business encounter. Ending a conversation with a handshake and a business card exchange is universally recognised, one that the exchange of email addresses has attempted to replace but failed. Swapping email addresses just doesn’t have the same level of interactivity that a business card does. Most email addresses are impersonal business emails, but a business card is interesting to look at and can even lead to further discussion on the design of the card.


“They’ve got a card, they must be professional.”

Yes, I know. It sounds stupid, but it’s true! Carrying business cards with you and giving them out at the end of a conversation sends all the right messages to potential customer. A well-designed business card screams that you work to the highest standards; someone who plans and is prepared.

The same cannot be said for email addresses, pretty much everyone has opted for the format, seeing this won’t make you think “Gosh, this person has high standards.” No, it won’t make you think of anything. This is a battle a well design business card wins, as potential customers get that first impression of you, and will remember you.

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Direct Marketing

That person is interested in my business. I’ll give that person a business card. Simple, effective, direct marketing. While email lists have a potentially huge market, how many of those people will be interested in your business is another matter. Even though handing out business cards will take longer and you won’t reach as many people, the people you do reach will have already shown an interest in your business and so are a lot more likely to engage with your business through the information on your card.



A well-designed business card will leave an impression, giving the potential customer more than one means they are likely to share it around their office, showing their colleagues the design of your business card if they like it.

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I would argue that a good business card is more likely to be shared than an email newsletter. When’s the last time a workmate shared an email marketing piece with you? Unless the email has some great offer they rarely get shared. Granted, social media marketing is the best for sharable content and extending your reach, but business cards have a place in networking without a doubt.



How do you know if you’ve reached enough people during your networking? As I said earlier, you can reach thousands digitally but that doesn’t necessarily translate to conversions, and the number of people you reach fluctuates daily. However, with business cards, you can stick 50 or so in your wallet in a protected plastic seal and set yourself the target of giving them all out. This is a great way to set targets for interactions and ultimately to get your name out there.

Everyone involved in business should have a business card. They are so much more practical to hand to someone than pulling out a pen and writing an email address on a napkin. So, if you haven’t already got a business card, or you want a redesign on your current card – don’t hesitate! They are an affordable and effective marketing tool.

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