Why are Brochures Still So Effective?

Despite what some believe, print marketing is not going away. These tried and tested methods have stood the test of time and can still be highly effective even in today’s impatient online world. Brochures are a vital print marketing tool, that can prove to be just as effective as any marketing device. It is worth asking then, why? Why are brochures still effective when a customer can simply research a company themselves online? We have previously discussed this topic in relation to business cards which you can read here. For now, let’s find out why you should use brochures.

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Our Printing Process

I’ll let you in on a little secret – not everyone is online. Shocking, I know. Regardless of your target market, you customer base will respond to high quality printed material much like they do to high quality content online. If they are not interested they will dispose of it, in the same way they’d ignore your online ad, and if they’re interested they’ll get in touch.

Print marketing is still an effective way to gain new leads. A good business card, leaflets, flyers, posters, you name it we can print it for you. Today we’ll look at the process our team takes once they have the final design that you have agreed is perfect for you. Let’s look at our print process.

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Business Cards Designed by DS Creative
Why Business Cards Are Still an Important Tool

Business cards are a staple of business marketing. They have lasted the test of time and despite the younger models of email addresses and websites finding prominence the old reliable model of business cards still plays a big part in the marketing strategy of most business. So why have business cards? What do they bring that the digital alternatives don’t?

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