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5 Ways to Track Print Marketing Campaigns

The basis of any marketing campaign is the results. You need concrete evidence to be able to state how successful your campaign has been. You could have a pretty design, great offers, good focus group responses, but if the campaign falls flat and you don’t see a return on your investment, the campaign has failed. The ability to analyse and analyse and over-analyse online marketing is a highly valuable resource; you can break down data into the finest details, finding precisely which demographics responded to your marketing campaigns. What about print marketing?  Is there a way to track print marketing campaigns? Well, yes there is – in fact there are many ways.

Custom Landing Pages

Setting up a custom landing page provides you with a specific source to direct all your print marketing leads too. You can then track who is seeing and then interacting with your print marketing campaigns. For instance, on a flyer you could instruct a customer to go to a specific web address to take advantage of an offer. The number of customers who visited the page will now appear on your Google Analytics, showing you and proving to your boss that your flyers were a great idea all along.

The custom landing page could then be focused on the specific product/service you are advertising in the flyer, because you know that the users going to that website will have done so after picking up the flyer on the product/service they are interested in. By doing this, you will have created a focused advert incorporating both print and online marketing techniques. Just make sure you keep a log of all the print marketing campaigns and landing pages you create, the last thing you want is to forget which landing page leads to what campaign.


Redirect Domains

These are simply domain names that take you to a different page on your website. By creating different redirect domains for different print marketing campaigns, you can track how many users have interacted with the given advert. For instance, you have a National chair repair shop and use stickers and banners to advertise throughout the UK. To analyse the success of this marketing you would use domains like “” or “” and then have them redirect to pages within your website, you could then analyse which domain was most popular and try and find if there is any reason why, what are they doing differently?

Discount Codes

These are everywhere in offline marketing, and for good reason. How many times have you picked up a magazine and seen this, “Use promo code BUYEVERYTHING15 for an extra 10% off your order”? These codes have been specifically set up to track offline marketing campaigns, to see how many customers are interacting with the adverts on the print materials. Make them memorable, so the user requires as little attention as possible, and you’ll be on to a winner.

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A simple way of tracking offline marketing campaigns is by getting customers to mention whatever printed materials they have found the ad on when they order, and if they do so they receive an offer. For example, “Mention this flyer when you order and receive 15% off!” you can then judge the success of the print marketing campaigns from this data.

Ask for …

It is easy to forget to ask the age-old question, “How did you hear about us?” to people who are offline. When setting print marketing campaigns, under the contact details state, “Ask for [Employees name]” and you can then take note of what marketing campaign they used to get to your website/contact.


Marketing should encompass the range of resources available to you, both online and offline. Analysing the data that you find following a marketing campaign helps you see if the campaign was worthwhile, and how to do it better next time. A good rule for setting up any marketing campaign is by using the annotations feature on Google Analytics. This acts as a little note telling you when you set up the campaign giving you some context to any spikes in traffic or orders. Using the techniques in this article will allow you to keep a record of the results of your marketing campaigns. If you use or know of any other useful techniques to track your print marketing campaigns comment below and start a conservation!

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