How to Get Repeat Traffic to Your Website

Beyond the actual maintenance and technical issues, running a website has three major challenges; getting people to go to your website, getting people to stay on your website, and getting people to return to your website.

Repeat traffic is massively valuable. If a user has visited your website and enjoyed the experience so much they have returned, it proves that you are doing the right things. This is gold dust. Returning users are massively more likely to purchase from you, share your content, and engage on comment sections. The question remains though, how do you get people to come back to your website? Read on to find out.

User-Friendly Website

An easy to use website is vital if you are going to have any sort of success with repeat traffic. 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, so get the basics right first. When a user enters your website, they want answers to a question; you should know what questions they are asking. Are they looking for something, like advice on a subject that interests them? Or for a product or service that they need? They are asking the questions and you must be sure to answer them. Design your website to load quickly, have a simple layout with clear navigation, and you’re off to a good start.

Exist to Help Your Customers

Users are very selfish. They will never enter a website because they want to help the marketer up his data so the meeting with his boss goes well. No, users enter a website because they think they will find what they’re looking for. If your website is nothing but a glorified ad, a user will see right through it and leave pretty quickly.

However, if you are genuinely helpful, providing tips and insights, educational articles, tutorials, valuable links, How-To guides and more, users will reciprocate your effort with repeat visits. Solving the small problems users face builds trust between you and your customers, and this relationship is vital. If you hold a user’s attention for just three minutes, they’re twice as likely to return to your website than if you hold them for one minute (Chartbeat), so give them the content they will appreciate!


Online, you should be where your customers are. Today, everyone is on social media, so you should be too. These platforms are so popular because they give their users the chance to connect with one another. They comment, like, share and post daily, so you must make sure that they can engage with your company as well, to build a brand connection and ultimately encourage repeat website visits.

Stay in Touch

It is not good enough to simply allow users to visit your website every now and again and forget about you between visits. You must prioritise getting a user’s contact details. Ask them to sign up for your newsletter, providing them with a clear benefit for doing so – “Free tip sheet if you sign up for our newsletter!” Or offer a valuable and relevant downloads on your website that can only be downloaded if the user provides their name and email address. Once you have a contact method for a customer you can now speak to them directly, showing them you are trustworthy and useful, again building rapport between your brand and your customers and encouraging loyalty and repeat visits.

Establish Yourself 

This is a longer play, but hugely rewarding. By commenting and interacting with news stories surrounding your industry you establish yourself as an authority on those issues. Partnered with well written, educational blog posts, users will value your insight and go through you directly when they are looking for something specific.

Be Relevant 

To stay relevant, you must stay frequent, posting one blog every 3 months doesn’t cut it. You should be reacting to the latest news in your industry, keeping up with trends and predicting future ones, the worst thing a brand can be is forgotten so don’t be! Post regular content and users will react positively and it will give them a reason to repeatedly engage with you.


98% of first time visitors will never return to your site (Hubspot), yes you read that right. 98%. This may seem like an insurmountable mountain of a challenge, but the reality is this number would be 100% if we didn’t try. Stay relevant, have a friendly website with unique and useful content, and connect with your users and you’ll take large strides in reducing that 98%.

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Created by, Chris