How to Implement a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

We live in an online digital world. The average teen spends nine hours a day on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The average person checks their phone 85 times a day – that equates to 23 days a year. Undoubtedly, the society we live in today is unrecognisable to the one the last generation grew up in. This means that marketing should be unrecognisable too, because of course, marketing must be in touch with the people. So how do we adapt? In this blog, I will cover how to build a solid digital marketing strategy and how to go ahead and implement it.

What is ‘digital marketing?’

Digital marketing is a business’ online, or digital, presence. It is how a company connects with its customers using online platforms. Therefore, it is vital to plan and implement a detailed structure, because chances are, most of your customer base will use the internet in one way or another. Whether it be social media, websites, blogs etc. having a digital marketing strategy is vital in the modern world of business.


Goal Setting

Setting a goal is the very first thing you should do. Define what ‘success’ would be for you. Are you looking at increasing traffic to your website? Increasing leads? Maybe you want to increase brand awareness? Or create an online customer base you can interact with? It may be a mixture or even all these things, regardless you must lay out your achievable targets in order for there to be any sense to what you are doing. Whenever you do anything online ask yourself, “Is this getting me closer to my goal?” To ask yourself that you need to have a goal set in the first place.


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Identify your Target Market

This is the next step to implementing an effective digital marketing strategy. Who is going to be buying your product/service? Identify and age range, gender, location and their environment, are they working class? Middle class? Or directors of businesses? Once you have a specific idea on what your market is, how you talk to them is key.


Forming a Brand Tone – Giving your Business a Voice

The reason it is important to investigate your audience is because you want to speak in a tone familiar to them, this makes you seem trustworthy and gives your company personality. Decide on a formal/informal tone and then decide how your company should address people online, are you going for the cheeky-chappy banter of Paddy Power? The friendly conversational style of Netflix? Or the formal business style of Sky? Decide on this early on and then ensure all your employees follow this style to create brand consistency.


Calls to Action

A call to action is exactly that, a statement calling for a customer to take some form of action. Whether it’s to contact you, look at a portfolio, buy now, or subscribe to your newsletter. These short prompts are eye-catching and draw the customer’s attention, cutting the time it takes for a customer to navigate towards the landing page you want them on, making them become a lead much quicker.

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Develop a Content Creation Plan

Content creation is vital. Interesting or entertaining content will get people to click, and lead them onto your website. Plan your content using a simple day-to-day to-do list. How often are you going to post a blog? How often will you post on your social media streams? Sharing interesting news stories from within your industry is also a good way of engaging your customers. Ensure that you post frequently and that your content is worth posting, ask yourself, “Would I read this?” Only when you answer a with a definitive ‘yes’ should you post.


Connect Everything

You must have one online identity, one brand, and that brand must be consistent. For instance, if you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin profiles alongside your own website, you must make sure that these all have internal links to one another and that they post similar – but not the same – content. Remember, your brand is the overriding presence over your digital profiles and this must reflect on everything you post.



Digital marketing strategies are great because they’re quantifiable. Everything you do can be easily judged based on the numbers, so you can show your boss that your strategy is working. You can do this by installing a website analytics tool, and by using the built-in analytics tools on the social media pages. Once you can see the data, plot it! Build a spreadsheet of the data so you can see the progress of your strategy.


Be Patient and Adaptable

A digital marketing strategy is unique in that you cannot expect to follow your plan right through to the end. The digital world is changing rapidly, adapting to new generations, new ideas and the latest trends, this means your strategy will become outdated, so it is important that you are willing to adapt and keep your finger on the pulse of the latest developments.



Digital marketing is an industry that is now vital in a business’ success, and is just growing in its importance in the modern age. Laying out a strategy stets you apart from the competition and builds a presence for you in front of your customers. If you follow the instructions I have laid out you will see the results, be patient. There is no quick fix. You will see gradual improvements and this is how online success begins.

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Created by, Chris