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With Google saying they have tracked just the 4 billion store visits from online ads (Pick up your jaw), using complex data from users who opt into ‘Location History tracking’ on their phones, we ask the question: how do we tap into this lucrative market? I am going to answer this question and show you how to position yourself digitally to capitalise on these statistics.

1. Social Media Strategy – as I have covered in a previous blog (Take a look by clicking here) the safest ticket onto the digital world for your business is through social media. An online profile is basically an advert for your company, with a limitless advertising potential. There you can sell your products/services and build a brand all while building a community of your followers/customers. This is a sure-fire way of expanding your sales horizons.


2. Website – Okay, so you’ve done the hard work and now customers are pouring onto your website, looking at what you can offer. You must be sure that your website is good enough to present to your customers, or they just won’t bother enquiring. Maybe your website is clunky and old fashioned or unable to handle the added traffic. Regardless, your customers expect a seamless online experience; the last thing you want is to leave them feeling frustrated. We can help you with this, our contact details are on the bottom of this page if you would like to organise a website consultation.


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3. Facebook Advertising – Depending on how you set up your ad campaigns, it can become costly. However, it does guarantee that more eyes will be on the posts you choose to sponsor. In my experience, I have a negative reaction to Facebook ads immediately when I see them – they can be annoying.

The statistics are against me on this one though, as it is proven that this form of advertising works. I think it is much more effective gaining customers and followers organically, thus maintaining your reputation as a business that is human and relatable, rather than forcing your way onto innocent people’s feeds. What do you think about Facebook advertising? I’d love to hear your thoughts, please reply to our Twitter poll on this topic and let us know.


4. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. You may have heard of this, if you haven’t you should have. This is vital for any business aiming for success online. The top search on a browser is generally the one you immediately click on, those on page 3 or even 2, rarely get a look-in.

So how do these websites get to the top of the pile? Either, they’ve cheated and paid to be up there, or they are using certain keywords associated with the topic you’ve searched for. Let me explain. Let’s say, I’m a gardener and I need new tools, my browser would prioritise words like; ‘garden’ and ‘tools’ etc. This is Search Engine Optimisation. It ensures the searcher gets the most relevant possible results. This is BIG business in digital marketing. There are field-experts that charge to help you optimise your online profiles to be higher on a browser search. So, start by using your common sense: throw in key-phrases if you haven’t already done it unknowingly, this will get you that little bit higher. This is a huge topic, so keep an eye out for a future blog where we will discuss it more.


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5. Promoting your location/premises – If you have a base of operations or store, it is vital you can be easily found. Whether you want customers to be able to find your shop, or clients to be able to find you premises for a business meeting, make sure that this process is easy! Integrate your website with Google Maps, include your location on every online profile you have, add it to the footer of your website, on all your social media accounts, and even on the signature section of your email. It is also very useful to have Google My Business, so when a person searches for your company, your location and directions show up under the search.



Less than a year ago, Google reported that store visits from online ads was at around one billion, now it has quadrupled and this meteoric rise seems to show no signs of slowing down so make the most of it! Get on board and take advantage of the opportunity the digital world has presented to business.

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Created by, Chris