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Planning a Social Media Strategy

The key component of a business’ success both nationally and globally is reliant on social media. Sure, you’ve got a solid website, solid posters and business cards, even a solid television advertising campaign, but quite simply, none of these marketing techniques have anywhere close to the advertising potential of social media.

Social media is a global phenomenon. In 2016, 2.8 billion people were using social media; a 21% increase on 2015’s figure. It is now the norm to have a Facebook and/or a Twitter profile, if you don’t you’re seen as a dinosaur. Telephone conversations are almost a thing of the past, now we have close friends who live thousands of miles away and yet seem at our doorstep. For businesses, not being on social media, is simply crazy. I’m going to lay down some statistics for you to show your stubborn manager who refuses to get with the times, and then I’m going to present a process to you, which if you follow, is a sure-fire way to get yourself up and running on social media and begin your journey in the digital world.


Go on, why should I be on social media?

Okay, allow me to lay out some unbiased, unprejudiced facts (Courtesy of

  • 40% of U.K. adults say it’s very or somewhat important that companies they purchase from have a strong social media presence.
  • Of U.K. adults that have a social media account, 34% say they would rather engage with a brand/organisation on social media than visit a physical location.
  • 56% of U.K. adults with a social media account agree that customer service via social media has made it easier to get questions and concerns resolved.
  • Facebook alone has 1.65 billion monthly active users and 1.09 billion daily active users, on average.
  • 50 million businesses use Facebook Pages.
  • Nearly one-third of Facebook users (32 percent) engage with brands regularly


Convinced. I’ve set up a profile… What now?

Setting up your profile

Hold your horses. Your profile shouldn’t be finished in the time it takes you to drink that coffee. This is the first impression a customer is going to get of you. Take your time. Treat it like the front of your shop. In your page’s bio, think; “What do my customers need from me? What do they value most? – then answer those questions, be clear and concise and your profile will be a success.

Profile done. Ensure you make it easy for anyone visiting your page to find where they can buy or learn more about your products/services. Include a link to your website, contact details, location, anything and everything so the customer knows immediately how to find you.

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Planning Your Content

Plan, plan, plan. Don’t think a random cat post every now and again will make you rack up the followers. Really think about what you should be posting.

Be creative but stay relevant; a salon shouldn’t really be posting about Brexit. Layout what you are going to post, do a monthly plan. I recommend using Hootsuite (Don’t worry, this is not a sponsored ad, just a friendly recommendation, I haven’t sold my soul just yet) to control all your social media accounts in one place.

Once you have a plan, begin posting. Interact with customers, react to the latest news in your profession, start a conversation! Social media enables you to build a rapport with your clients, meaning they will see you as a person rather than a corporate machine and will they will learn trust you and the products/services you provide.


Monitor Success and Keep Improving

Patience. You aren’t going to hit a thousand followers in a week. Getting your name out there and getting people to care about what you say takes time, but it will happen. If you’re struggling, reward your followers for following you, incentivise the process of liking your page and then you’ll keep hold of them because of the content you post. If this doesn’t work your posts aren’t engaging enough.

Use the social media analytics to look at your most popular posts and follow the numbers, through interaction with you, your followers are giving you a virtual plea for seconds, keep posting content that is like your most popular content – it’s simple!

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Undoubtedly, social media can be daunting. It’s basically virtual public speaking so it’s expected that your first week or so won’t be perfect, but once you get it right you’ve just tapped into an endless ravine of customers, so it’s worth your time perfecting it.

A social media strategy will set you apart and allow you to break through the noise, ultimately getting more eyes onto your business which will equate to more sales. 2.8 billion people on social media speaks for itself, if you want your business to grow take the plunge and get on social media. Put down your spear and stones, safely hide from the T-Rex in your back garden and make that campfire a little quicker, because tonight, you’re entering the modern world.


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