Top Four Christmas Customer Engagement Solutions

It’s that time of year again, the nights are drawing in, it’s getting colder and the summer sun is but a distant memory. So, what better time to start thinking about Christmas?

 We have put together a list of essential customer engagement solutions to help you fully utilise the holiday season.

Christmas Cards

Sending a greetings card will show your clients how much you have appreciated them and their loyalty over the past year. It will emphasise that you have your customers at the forefront of your mind and will make them more inclined to stick with you. It may be that you just send a card to your top 100 clients or every single one! Add a personal touch by mail merging your cards and put your clients name up in lights.

Social Media

The holiday season is one of the best times to interact with your clients online. Christmas header images and graphics can add a touch of festivity to your everyday social media posts. Use social media to show off your company and how you can help your clients have a great Christmas.


A good way to grab a potential customers’ attention at this very expensive time of year is with a good offer. E-Commerce clients could include a gift-wrapping option or even a free gift, just make it stand out! And why stop at Christmas? Make sure to carry the momentum through to January to get the year off to a cracking start.

Promotional Materials

What better way to promote your services than with some festive flyers? Include offers and Christmas imagery to make sure your customers always have you in mind. Christmas posters, banners and flyers can help catch the eye of new clients and remind existing customers that you’re there to help.

We hope that these tips will help you in the run up to this very important time of year. If you have any questions about how we can assist you or if you would like a quote on any of the above-mentioned items, feel free to contact us!


Created by, Charlotte