Christmas Marketing Tips

It's official. Christmas is less than 10 weeks away! This time of the year creates opportunities for tailored marketing materials, special offers, promotions and events. This means that Christmas opens up a lot of business and can help to increase your company sales.

Being prepared and getting ahead of the game is the best way to take advantage of the upcoming holiday. When thinking about marketing around Christmas time, it is important to note that almost every business will be doing Christmas marketing too. Having material that stands out is crucial when customers will be bombarded with advertising and promotions.

Creating effective and individual marketing is the best way to get you noticed most this Christmas and give you the biggest return on investment. Below are some excellent tips and ways to promote your services and products in a fresh, exciting and compelling way.

1. Start Early

Forget the calendar. Christmas doesn't start in December. It has pretty much already started. So start your marketing as soon as you can to see the biggest results.

2. Professional Design 

Excellent design creates an impact. In every marketing you do, it should all be designed to a high standard. If you are going to the effort in creating promotional material or other types of marketing, it would be a bit of a waste without great design. We live in a world where we are all guilty of judging a book by its cover. It's sad but true. If your marketing material doesn't instantly appeal to someone or catch someone's eye then it probably won't be effective.

To put it simply, great design sells. To shake it up, spruce up your marketing with a touch of seasonal and Christmas design to really have the greatest impact.

3. Send Holiday Cheer

At Christmas most people are more charitable, spend more time with loved ones and join in on all of the holiday festivities. A great way to impress and please your customers is by simply sending them a personalised Christmas card from your company. This will show your customers you value them and in turn will help to strengthen your relationship and their loyalty towards your comapany.

A custom Christmas Card

4. Special Offers

It's obvious that at this time of year people are open to spending more money, both on gifts but also on taking part in nice activities with friends such as ice skating or going out for a nice meal. But with this, there will be a lot of competition when it comes to where customers will choose to spend their money.

Having special offers is a great way to stand out from the competition and entice customers to buy your products and services rather than a competitors.

When deciding on offers, it is important to think from the customers' perspective. What offer would they appreciate? What sorts of things will they want to buy at this time of year? For example, if you are a clothing company there is no point to put a sale on bikinis but a special offer on coats would be great. Having an offer that no one will buy is useless. So it is vital to take a lot of consideration into the special offers you will put on.

Once you have decided the perfect special offers, you need to promote them! There's no point having a special offer if no one knows about it. Think about the best ways to do this for your target market.

Christmas sale gift tags

5. Promote Delivery Deadlines 

Most of the spending around Christmas time will be gifts. Promoting deadlines like 'order by 20th Dec for guaranteed Christmas delivery' is important. Firstly, it reassures customers that they will receive their orders in time. Doing this also encourages customers to order with you, giving them a bit of pressure to complete their order rather than just browsing. 

6. A Festive Survey Where Customers Can Win A Prize

Christmas comes towards the end of the year. This is the perfect time to collect feedback from your customers so that you can improve and grow in the new year.

Creating a quick survey is a great way to gain an insight into how well your company is performing. Offering a prize for filling out the survey is a great way to persuade customers to fill out the survey. Some great ideas for prizes are a Christmas hamper, amazon vouchers or something from your business like a product or a certain amount to spend in your store.

A man filling out a customer survey

7. A Christmas Giveaway Email series 

Giveaways and special offers are a great way to build relationships with your customers and get people excited about your company. A lot of businesses do email series such as 'the 12 days of Christmas' where they will have a competition or a special offer that is for one day only. This is great because throughout the series, your company will get accelerated exposure than it normally would. Putting on a short time block for an offer is great too. For example, you could send daily offers that only last until midnight. This will encourage more customers to buy these products as they feel they will lose out if they don't take advantage of the offer in the moment.

Other ideas are a Christmas Countdown or a Christmas Advent Calendar series. Get creative and have fun with it.

8. Social Media Competition

Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness. Organising social media competitions where customers have to like and share your post to enter will increase the reach of your brand. Customer's friends will see your post and will perhaps enter the competition themselves. The more people that engage with your post, the more new people will be introduced to your brand. This is a great way of reaching more people and potentially gaining a lot of new customers as well as rewarding your current customers.

'Enter a competition' sign

9. Analyse Your Customer's Seasonal Behaviour

Simply looking at your customer's seasonal behaviour can be an easy but effective way to increase your sales. Take consideration of what products and services your customers are most likely to buy around winter and Christmas time and promote them more. This could be by presenting these on the home page of your website, putting these products to the front of your store or creating new marketing materials that focus on these products.

Whatever you choose to do to increase your sales and promote your business this Christmas, remember to keep your marketing relevant to your target market and make sure that it will stand out from competitors with great design.

If you would like to chat further about how to make the most out of your marketing this Christmas, contact us and we would be happy to help!



Created by, Alice