Choosing The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

Social Media is quite literally taking over the world. Only two weeks ago, Facebook hit a huge milestone: 1 billion people used their platform in one day. Like it or not, social media is a huge part of our daily routines. And because of it's popularity, social media is great for business.

However, social media can be confusing. It's hard to know where to spend your time and money to promote yourself the best when it comes to digital marketing.

Every business is different and so is every social media platform. It's important to understand whether to invest your time in social media marketing and also which platforms would benefit your business best.

Bottom line: Is social media worth it?






From these statistics, it's clear that social media can be a way to gain new customers and leads. Because of this, 83% of marketers said social media is important for their business.

Social media isn't just good for bringing in new clients though, it's also a great way of encouraging clients to share their positive experience of your brand, increasing customer retention by sharing updates and exclusive deals as well as being a great customer service platform to engage with your clients.

So which platform is best for you?

There are so many social media platforms and it seems that new ones are emerging every week. So it's no surprise that finding the right platforms for your business can be a challenge. Below is a sum up of the most popular platforms, what they do and who they work best for.


What it is: A platform that lets you share short and sweet posts due to its character limit of 140.

What it is mostly used for: Twitter is known for being 'in the moment.' It's often used for sharing breaking news, new products as well as content like blogs and articles.

Unique features: The hashtag function is a great feature of Twitter. Using a hashtag, lets you group your posts with other relevant posts. For instance, you may use the hashtag '#job' when promoting a vacancy to reach people who are searching for employment. The use of hashtags also lets you see what sorts of things are most popular, or in Twitter terms 'trending.'

Trending hashtags are shown to the left of your timeline, giving you instant access to the most popular topics that people are talking about at that particular moment. For example, on the day of the Wimbeldon Final, the hashtag #WimbeldonFinal2015 was trending. Using these trending hashtags is a great way to engage with your audience and to join in on the most popular conversations.

How many people use it: 316 million active users per month

What can it do for business? Twitter is great for creating engagement and a conversation with your audience. By using the latest trends, you can create engaging posts that are in the moment, popular and will encourage a dialogue with your audience.

Twitter is also a great place to share company news, new products and to share blog posts and articles relevant to your company and services - either created by you or someone else.


What it is: A social media platform that lets you establish your brand and reputation through a company page.

What it is mostly used for: Facebook is used for building relationships and keeping in contact with friends and family. For business, Facebook is a great way of building dedicated followers and establishing the reputation of your brand.

Unique features: Ads. Facebook lets you create adverts that can increase traffic to your website, a blog post or to anything you like! With the ad manager, you can tailor your advert so that it reaches specific audiences and customer segments. For instance, you can make it so your ad only reaches users that are aged 18-24, are interested in rock music and that are students. This is great for marketing as it lets you send tailored messages to the right people.

How many people use it: 1.49 billion active users per month

What can it do for business? With 1.49 billion users, Facebook is a great base for reaching a large and diverse audience. As already said, the ad manager is also a great way of promoting your company to very specific audiences. It's known that if you try to sell yourself to everyone, you'll probably end up selling to no-one. Creating targeted marketing to specific people is the best way to successful marketing.


What it is: A social media platform for companies and business professionals.

What it is mostly used for: The platform is used for finding and posting jobs, building business relationships and networking. Essentially, it is a way of growing business connections and using them as necessary.

Unique features: It is business orientated, so rather than posts solely coming from a company page, your employees can use it to network and represent your company as well. The site also has it's own blogging tool, called 'Linkedin Pulse' which lets users write, publish and promote their blog posts on the platform. This can be a great way to share knowledge, build a following, increase brand awareness and boost sales.

The site also has different groups, based on different industries, interests, types of companies (e.g. start-up) as well as location. These are great to meet and network with specific audiences.

How many people use it: 380 million users

What can it do for business? Linkedin is great for Business to Business connections. It's not that great for promoting products for Business to Consumer, however if your business promotes products to consumers, it is still a great way to network with other business and potential suppliers. For B2B companies, it is great for establishing leads, building useful contacts and promoting your services.


What it is: Pinterest is a visual platform where you can discover images and then scrapbook or "pin" them to virtual bulletin boards.

What it is mostly used for: It is mainly used as an inspiration search. For instance, some common pins are recipes, DIY, home decoration, style inspiration and gift ideas.

Unique features: The platform is visual, so it allows you to provide high quality images that will attract customers. The bulletin board feature is great for you to showcase your products. For instance, if you're a fashion brand, you might have one board for 'Autumn fashion', another for 'Party looks' etc. The boards are a great way to showcase your products and separate them into clever categories.

How many people use it: 72.8 million users

What can it do for business? Pinterest won't work for all businesses. It works best for B2C companies, particularly for those whose core products lie in the fashion, home, cooking and DIY area. When used correctly, Pinterest is a great platform to showcase your products visually whilst encouraging an immediate or future call-to-action as users can pin your products for future reference. When a user pins one of your images, they will pin it to one of their boards. The more people pin your images, the more exposure it gets.


What it is: A platform that allows you to create a business page, share updates, gain reviews, share company information and location.

What it is mostly used for: Google+ is mostly used as a place to provide information and reputability of your brand.

Unique features: The Google+ page allows your customers to leave a review of your company on your page, which will consist of a bit of text as well as rating you out of 5 stars. This is a great way to promote your brand's reputation. Your Google+ page is often linked to search engines. When someone types, for instance, 'Italian restaurant Sheffield' into Google, Google finds a list of companies and will also present their reviews. Having good reviews is a great way of separating yourself from competition and gaining new customers.

How many people use it: 300 million users

What can it do for business? Reviews are one of the best things that Google+ offers. And because Google is so powerful, these reviews get seen when new customers search for your services online. As well as this, Google+ is linked to search engine optimisation. We all want to get on the first page of Google when customers search for our products and services. This platform is linked with helping your website rank higher and any little thing you can do to improve your search engine ranking is a no brainer really.


What it is: A platform that lets you post videos, watch videos, share, like and comment on them.

What it is mostly used for: Youtube gives us access to a whole range of video content, including educational, news, 'how tos', recipes, music videos and comedy sketches. It's used by so many people for so many different things.

Unique features: The fact that it is based around videos makes it unique and Youtube is still the leading platform for videos. People love videos. We have become more accustom to watching a video on how to do certain things rather than reading about it which is why Youtube is so popular.

How many people use it: 1 billion users. However, to watch Youtube videos you don't need to be user. Youtube gets around 4 billion views every day!

What can it do for business? Youtube is a great way to provide video content about you and your services. However, creating videos can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. If you're a big business, this can be a really effective platform but before you commit to using Youtube, you should consider the time and money it will take to do it successfully first.

Social media can do wonders for business but you have to be clever about it. Don't do something just because everyone else is. Review what each platform is, what it does and the demographic of people that use it before you commit to it. Choosing the right social media platform depends on your business and your target audience.

If you'd like to chat further about social media marketing, get in touch. We offer custom digital marketing packages to get your company noticed in all the right places!



Created by, Alice