Increase your sales this Autumn!

It's the start of a new month - September is officially here.

And with the start of September, we say goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn.

Despite the usual feelings of 'how is it Autumn already?' and 'where has this year gone?', Autumn marks a special time of the year. As the colder weather arrives so does seasonal celebrations and festivities. Christmas is the most obvious holiday I am talking about here. But before the crazy run up to Christmas begins, we have Halloween and Bonfire Night.

These special days are great to enjoy with family and friends but they are also great for business. Seasonal days and celebrations like Halloween and Bonfire Night create opportunities for tailored marketing materials, special offers, promotions and events. The entire new season can even be the topic of your new promotions.

Whether you are a restaurant that wants to promote a new Autumn menu, a shop who wants to give a special Bonfire Night discount on your products or a night club putting on a Halloween themed event, this time of the year can open up a lot of business.

It's no secret that customers and clients love special offers and promotions, so take advantage of the new season and start advertising new ways to bring in customers and boost your sales.

8 Tips to create your Seasonal Marketing Strategy



1. Get your timing right

Think right now about the next few months. If you're wanting to do marketing for a particular holiday, you need to start doing this ahead of time. For example, if I wanted to put on a Bonfire Night event, I would start promoting this at the end of September/early October.

Make a plan of what services, products or events you want to advertise and when. Creating a calendar of exactly when you want to run your marketing is a great way to visualise your marketing plans and to stay organised. From this, create deadlines of everything you need to prepare for your upcoming marketing.

2. Choose the products you're targeting

It's a good idea to choose the specific products and services you want to target with your marketing. For instance, a fashion brand may want to target their new coats, jumpers and boots for Autumn or a shop might advertise their sweets for Halloween.

Obviously, you don't have to stick to a few products for all of your marketing, but you should plan what services and products you are going to showcase over the marketing you will be doing in Autumn.

3. Take advantage of the holidays

Focusing on calendar holidays, events and special days offers specific opportunities to market to your customers. You can create tailored material that is specific and can really grab your audience's attention.

The reason why taking advantage of seasonal holidays is so great is simply because they are special. They come around once a year. They are unique and break our ordinary, everyday routine. Because of this, customers and clients are far more likely to spend more money in special ways, making them more susceptible to promotions and new events.


4. Think about the weather

Once Autumn starts, the jumpers come out. Take advantage of the weather change. Our moods, interests, habits and day to day life are heavily influenced by the seasons. If you're a home store, promoting your blankets, candles and fireplaces is great in the colder months but wouldn't work as well in Summer. Another example is a restaurant advertising food like beef stew, chocolate fudge cake and other comfort food in the colder months.

Think about what products and services are more likely to be bought in the colder months and advertise them more.

5. Choose the right platforms

Once you know what you want to promote and when, you need to choose the right platforms and types of marketing. Are you going to do printed materials like posters? Are you going to hand out leaflets and flyers? Are you going to create a brochure? What social media posts are you going to send out and to which channels - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Piterest? Are you going to put up a big outdoor display to attract customers? Are you going to pay for print or online advertising?

These are all the questions you need to ask yourself and choosing the right platforms will depend on your budget and your business. Make a list of all the different types of marketing and assess which is best for you and the products you want to promote.

6. Create tailored promotional material

This simply means what it says on the tin. After all of your planning, you will need to actually create the marketing materials that you're going to be promoting to your customers. This may consist of buying products and managing staff to create the materials for you.

7. Promote, promote, promote!

When you have all of your material ready it's time to promote it. Use all of the platforms and marketing channels you can to get your new promotional material noticed by customers.

8. Recycle for next year

It's always good to be prepared. Keep track of all the marketing you do in Autumn and make a report on the success of everything you have done. For example, ask yourself 'what brought you the best return on investment?' and 'what marketing did most customers notice?'

When next Autumn arrives (which will come around a lot sooner than you think), you'll have all of the information you need to create an even better marketing plan. You'll know what sorts of content works best for your business and customers.

Tailored Autumn Marketing Material from DS

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Created by, Alice