5 Top Design Tips For Brochures

Brochures are a key factor when it comes to displaying your business and services, especially to new clients. They convey a level of professionalism and dedication that impresses new clients and gains trust with old ones.

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Guy taking a photograph
How to take excellent product photos for your website

Presenting your business online matters. It matters because customers can click away from you in an instant. In another second they can find a competitor's site who do something similar to you. Impressing customers on your website is crucial.

The best way to impress and promote what you do is through imagery and photography.  In particular, eCommerce websites (websites that sell their products online) heavily rely on photographs to advertise their stock. After all, you wouldn't buy an item online if you couldn't see it first! And then if there is an image, you wouldn't buy a product that had a low quality image. In our minds, if something looks bad on a photo, it will probably look bad in real life.

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Business man levelling up on a game
Level up your company in 2016

It's the New Year. The time where everyone takes a moment to reflect on the past year and think of ways to improve for 2016. Most of this is usually New Year resolutions of a personal nature. Most commonly, resolutions to get fit or to cut out chocolate.

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