5 Things all Graphic Designers Should Know

We ask our resident graphic designers what key terms and tools they need to produce the quality of work that is now a staple of what our customers have come to expect.

Raster Images

Made up of thousands upon thousands of tiny pixels. This offers you great editability, being able to alter the colour, saturation, hue etc. of each pixel. However, because the number of pixels cannot be edited, keeping the quality of the image when resizing is difficult. Images in Photoshop are pixelated.

Vector Images

Rather than tiny pixels forming an image, vector images are made up with a series of lines and dots to form shapes which are then filled with colour. Because of this, vector images do not lose quality when they are resized. Images in Adobe Illustrator are in vector format.

Raster images are good for photos which you do not expect to have to massively resize, vector images are ideal for any graphics that you create or edit. Logos in raster format are a must, along with any other graphics that can then be altered to be placed on a flyer or on a billboard.

The Retreat Logo Mock Up

Colour Modes

CMYK and RGB colour are the two main players in the colour mode world. CMYK colour (cyan, magenta, yellow and key), is a format used for printing pieces. CMYK colour has a much more vibrant colour variety so when a CMYK document is printed it keeps the contrast in colour.

RGB colour, red, green and blue, is used for a document that intends to be presented on a screen. CMYK colour looks dull on a screen, while RGB looks bright and vibrant, however, the opposite is true once they are printed.

Global Windows Brochure Open Mock Up


These are the two main types of resolution, DPI (Dots per inch) or PPI (Pixels per inch). Both apply only to raster type images, or images that contain pixels. Increasing the DPI or PPI will result in a bigger file but a better-quality image. The standard for printed quality images is 300DPI.

Jenny Douglas Business Card Mock Up


You can only sketch and use Microsoft Paint for so long. Eventually you will need to invest in the tools you need to make your work move more smoothly. We use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Coral Draw as our main software tools. The initial/monthly expense is well worth it in the long run as these programmes offer you everything you would need when bringing your ideas to life. A graphics tablet is also a great tool in bringing your sketches into the online world. We use the Wacom One graphics tablet and have had no issues.

Graphic designer


Of course, all the tools in the world will only take you so far, a general hard working, professional attitude is the most important thing of all. The eye for detail, open communication with your client, these attributes put you in a strong position regardless of the industry you’re in, put the right tools in the hands of the right people and there’s no telling where you can take your design work.

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Created by, Chris