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You’re writing a blog, publishing a press release, posting an infographic on how to use your products, or you’re sending a brief to a client. You have designed everything to the finest detail. What font have you used? Have you even thought about font? It can be easy to forget after you have designed all the graphics and the layout of your piece, but font is a very important aspect of your design. It provides the finishing touch, while also reinforcing your brand if you decide to use a consistent font across all your work. Let’s look at our picks for the best Google Fonts.


Open Sans Font


Arvo Font


PT Sans Font


Roboto font


raleway font


Avenir font


Script Mt Bold font


Aller font


Font is an overlooked asset in design and branding. In 2015, Apple revealed a new font they would be using in their products, simply named, ‘San Francisco’ the font was designed specifically to be easier to read on smaller devices like the then newly introduced Apple watch. Font changes illustrates a willingness to adjust to new markets and trends, it speaks volumes about your brand and where it’s going. Giving subconscious clues to your customers about what your company is all about.

Key Fonts to Avoid

Comic Sans - Despite being quirky and friendly, Comic Sans is predominant in schools and community events, now businesses using this font appear naive, downplaying their brand.

Times New Roman - I shiver in fear when I see this font. The go-to choice for essays and assignments, the design is traditional, meaning it now appears old-fashioned.


The crucial point to discovering the best font for you is to ask yourself whether the font has the right tone for your company, if it conveys the right messages to you. Remeber, there is no harm in testing different fonts on samples of your customers to see which they react best too.

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