A Day in the Life of our Project Manager, Charlotte.

Charlotte is our Project Manager and graphic designer. Charlotte designs everything from website and posters to business cards and outdoor displays, whilst also ensuring everything on the design schedule is organised and meeting client deadlines. Charlotte dips into pretty much everything we do here, checking everything is chugging along as it should be whilst also helping with the design of certain projects. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Charlotte’s day at DS Creative, and look at the process she goes through to take your concepts from initial idea all the way to physical product.

Design Meeting & Brief

If you read our last ‘day in the life’ blog for our graphic designer, Nadia, you will be familiar with this process. When a client is interested in one our services we will organise a consultation meeting with them where we can discuss everything about their project and organise deadlines. This meeting will usually be with our friendly team of Charlotte and our other project manager Alice.


Designing Your Project

Charlotte is involved in all stages of the design process, including the actual creation of your product. She works on graphic design projects, whether it’s digital or print, Charlotte works to your brief to design the layout of your website or any of the printed materials you could need.


project management


Website Briefs & Project Management

Charlotte works closely with our web development team to keep an update how your website is coming along, so she can equally keep you updated. The same can be said for any print work, Charlotte liaises with our team and you to keep the ship sailing smoothly.


Charlotte also chips in with some blog posts every now and again, she is a talented word-smith, so we make sure to utilise her skills accordingly!


project manager

Quality Checks

Once your website is live, or your material has been printed, Charlotte, along with others in our team, go through the product to ensure it all meets our high standards. If not, any changes are made straight away to ensure you have the best possible final product.

Charlotte is our highly talented swiss army knife. She has been keeping our design team organised for just over 2 years and the high standards she has is evident in all our work.

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