How-To Make an Eye-Catching Design

How can a company be seen amongst the billions (Yes billions) of websites that are out there on the worldwide web? The answer is simple really, design. Clever design makes you stand out, it provides you with a great big megaphone amongst all the people who are fitting in. Though the thought of having a clever design to stand out is simple, the application of such a thing is very different. As the old saying goes, easier said than done. We have asked our resident graphic designers to give you an insight into what they think of when creating their next artistic masterpiece.


web design bold colour

Arguably the most important aspect of a design. A person’s eyes are naturally drawn to colour, hence why we are so obsessed with rainbows. Using bold colours screams attention to the user, think yellows, reds, blues, all the prime colours that are bright and attention-seeking.

Another technique to use with colour is contrast. In both the style of the colour and the colour themselves. For instance, black and white is a contrast because of how vastly different they are, this is why they are such a popular combination.

Colour saturation is similar to colour contrast in that the difference between the two saturations is what draws our eye, using dull colour on one portion of the design and then saturated reds or yellows is another clever way of using colour.

You should also choose brand colours to maintain a consistent appearance throughout your designs and elsewhere. Brand colours make you recognisable and familiar, which is very important for a user who may have only just discovered you.


web design texture

Flat colour can be boring, bright flat colour can be overwhelming. Adding texture to flat colour adds a unique twist to the norm. Research colour textures and which works best for your company, there are thousands out there. For instance, if you were a company selling water bottles, using a watercolour/ink texture would suit your branding and make your designs stand out.


web design font

Don’t use different fonts throughout the text on your designs. It’s jarring and very often illegible. Instead, choose a font like you would brand colours and stick with it throughout all your designs and elsewhere. This maintains the consistency in your design and branding.


web design using emphasis

You can use the same font with the same size and yet still emphasise an important point. If you are designing something to advertise an event, think about the key information. When and where are vital pieces of information, so emphasise them without making the information distracting.

White Space

white space in web design

It’s easy in design to try and pack the entire page with detail after detail until you have filled every piece of the page. However, sometime the opposite is more effective. Especially for posters which are a predominantly visual medium, less can sometimes be more. Having fewer detail shifts a user’s focus to the key piece of information you are designing for, so embrace the white space!

Catchy Slogans

web design using slogan

A catchy slogan can be as effective as any of the other points I have mentioned. With the visual medium of the internet dominating today’s society, written subtleties are a forgotten art. Slogans that roll of the tongue, slogans that focus the eye, these are just as effective as the use of colour and images. For instance, if you’re telling a user how they can earn money through your services your slogan could be; “Earn Extra Cash!” or “Earn More Money!” short and sweet and highly effective, exactly what a slogan needs to be.


The key to design is creativity. If you stick to the basic principles of information delivery and what draws a user’s eye the sky is the limit so push boundaries and see how creative you can be.

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Created by, Chris