5 of the best 'About Us' pages | How to Write an About Page

An effective about us page is key in customer relations. Someone just finding your company will most likely head to where they can find out more about what you do and why they should stick around. A well designed about us page is a way for you to set a good first impression. Striking images, bold colours, concise information, the about us page is a fine art that you have to master to be a success in the online world.

 5. Yellow Leaf Hammocks

yellow leaf hammocks about page

Yellow Leaf Hammocks appreciate that they need an effective about us page because their audience will struggle initially to understand what it is exactly that they do; this is why this about us page is so impressive.

Animated feature images containing striking colours are flashing across the border, organised concise content as you scroll down the page, with graphics along the way to complement the information. The page also has clear calls to action throughout, imploring their audience to interact with all the hard work they’ve put in to this page alone.

4. Moz

moz about page

Moz takes an original approach to laying out (Usually boring) information on their website by displaying them out in a timeline with images and graphics. This engaging style keeps audiences interested, also helped by the atmospheric choice of colour, the blue sets a cartoonish fun feel to the piece and helps to engage the audience.

3. Bulldog Skincare

bulldog skincare about page

Bulldog Skincare uses images brilliantly, doubling down on any arduous reading and planting a huge image, it’s impossible to ignore and that is the key. The animated image spread on the screen creates intrigue and as you scroll you find a well formatted design with concise information, and reviews.

2. Forty One Twenty

forty one twenty about page

High quality images and graphics, concise content, and a contemporary style are now all a given for these top-notch websites. What sets this one apart though, is the clever use of reviews and testimonies. The use of these makes FortyOneTwenty seem reputable and trustworthy, they are proud of their work, their customers say it is good, so they flaunt it!

1. Cultivated Wit

cultivated wit about page

Another common theme in these high-quality websites that Cultivated Wit base their about us page on is that one elusive thing that every brand obsesses with; personality. Some about us pages feel cold and administrative, this should be avoided. Instead look at this about us page and take inspiration. The images are natural and warm, the content is more light and personal, the bios follow the same pattern, they are informal and funny, from this page alone you build an automatic affiliation with the people behind the brand and that is important.

Focus Points

The key takeaways you should have to go running back to your web developer with are:

•      Bold use of colour.
•      Striking images of professional quality (Animated if possible).
•      Engaging graphics/infographics.
•      Concise content, avoid paragraph upon paragraph of the complete history of your company.
•      Clear calls to action throughout (Read more/Contact us etc.).
•      Be creative! The only limit to what you can do is your imagination, don’t be scared to think outside the box.

Did we miss any? What are your favourite about us pages? Proud of your websites about us page? Share them with us and we’ll share the best!

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Created by, Chris