A Day in the Life of our Graphic Designer, Nadia.

Our graphic designer, Nadia, is a modern-day artist. Gone are the days where ‘art’ was a medium considered reserved for the canvass. Now, the canvass can be digital, and this does not diminish the quality of the final product, or the talent required to produce the final masterpiece. Today, we’ll look at our resident Picasso, Nadia. Giving you an insight into the arduous process she takes in producing her work, tailored to you.

Design Meeting & Brief

The initial design meeting is the first step in Nadia’s process. Here she discusses the specs of the design, finding out all the information she needs to design whatever it is the customer wants. Logo design, branding, promotional material, packaging design or photography, Nadia covers it all and ultimately works around you, to ensure you have the highest quality product possible that fits your needs.



A vital aspect of any business is its branding; this is the company’s identity to customers. Here, Nadia implements creative designs to communicate an innovative brand that presents a unique and memorable identity for your company. Again, this is tailored to you. Our team here at DS Creative ensure that you always have the final say in the design of your product, Nadia is here to provide her expert-eye, giving you the best inspiration possible.


Graphic design tablet


Marketing Material

Promotional material encompasses anything from posters and leaflets to outdoor displays and signage exhibitions. Pretty much anything you can think of, we can design. Nadia’s creative eye and expertise means she knows what catches the eye of customers and what will attract attention. Nadia will give your business a voice in the noisy online world we live in.



For our web developer Ben (Check out his ‘Day in the Life’ blog for more insight into the web development process) to produce a functional website, he first needs something to work off. This is where Nadia comes in. Nadia, working with you, will produce a contemporary design that Ben will then build. In sorts, Nadia is the artist, Ben is the architect.


Meetings and Calls

Working with you is a big part of Nadia’s design process. To ensure the final product meets your requirements, Nadia will be in contact with you throughout the key points of the design, from initial ideas, the first draft, and then finalising the design, Nadia stays in touch until you are happy with your product.


Graphic design tools


DS Design

Having a resident designer has its perks. Nadia produces work for us as well as customers. She has designed infographics and posters on our social media -Link- as well as the little cartoon images of us seen on our blog posts! In fact, Nadia and our other designer Charlotte create all our marketing designs at DS.


Print Ready Proofs

Once the final product has been verified by you, Nadia is ready to print. The final step is ensuring everything is well in printing, producing print proofs makes sure your product looks as good on paper as it does on screen. Once Nadia knows the piece will print perfectly, the design looks vibrant, and meets Nadia’s high standards, it is ready to be sent to you.


Nadia is a highly talented, highly valued member of our team that maintains the highest standards that are implemented throughout out work. Nadia has worked with us since 2014 and will hopefully be with us for many years to come!

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Created by, Chris