Our Design Process

Our design process is in place so that we make sure you understand what we do and so we can understand what need. To make sure we can bring your ideas to life, we need to get all the information we possibly can so we can create a design you’ll love.

First, we have the consultation phase which no project is started without. This is where we communicate with our client to establish all the key information we need to start the project. This phase is crucial as it enables us to discover and understand your requirements which will mean that our team of graphic  designers can produce high quality designs. We create bespoke solutions for you and your brand. So, the more information you can give us means we can create a design that fulfils your needs. Below I have listed the topics we typically cover in the consultation phase:

What we discover in the consultation phase
  • Deadlines/ timescales – We will find out if there are any deadlines or timescales we need to work to.
  • Budget – We ask if the client has a budget we will need to adhere to (this may determine the styles of design we recommend)
  • Product – We determine what product is required by the client (e.g. 16 Page A4 brochure).
  • Company/organisation information – We ask questions to learn more about what our client does and what services they provide.
  • Target audience of the design – We ask who the design will be targeted at to understand the style or messages the design needs to convey.
  • Purpose of the design – We determine the aims or goals of the design/campaign.
  • Key messages/Call-to-actions – We ask whether there are any specific call-to-actions or key messages the design must include.
  • Examples – We ask if the client has any examples of design they would like us to use for inspiration. We also need to know if the client has any examples of designs they don’t like.
  • Brand or design guidelines – If the design is part of an existing campaign or brand, we ask what guidelines the design should comply with.
  • Use of the design – We ask our client how and where the design will be used. For example, if it is an advert, we will ask where this be placed (e.g. what location, what is the demographic of the magazine’s readers, where in the magazine will the advert be placed etc.).
  • Anything Else – We allow our client to let us know of any other requirements or ideas they have for the design.


design consultation

These are the general topics that are often used in the consultation phase, but are tailored depending on our clients' needs. Our team may ask more relevant questions to find out more details, if required. 

The consultation phase helps us to determine the key information we’ll need to successfully create a quality design that achieves our clients' goals. Clients may want to provide us with their own brief. In these cases, we will discuss their brief to ensure we can understand the requirements correctly and ask further questions if needed.

Whatever you have in mind, our team is here to help your ideas grow and come to life. Our designers here at DS creative are extremely skilled and always keep up to date with current trends as we know design is always changing.

If you would like to discuss your ideas, call us today on 0114 266 9000 or email us at info@dscreative.co.uk  for a free design consultation. 



Created by, Dannielle