Do you need to refresh your logo or branding?

A logo is one of the most important branding elements of your business. Think about this – why do you have a logo? You have it so that people recognise your business. If your logo is plain and isn't memorable, no one will recognise your business and will choose competitors whom they recognise.

Questions you should ask yourself about your logo:
- How long has it been since it was updated?
- How does your logo represent your company?
- Is it something you are comfortable with people basing their first opinions of your company on?
- Will your logo appeal to your target audience?
- Is your logo a current design or is it outdated?

Once you have asked yourself these questions, you may start to see all kind of imperfections in the branding, even if it is something tiny. If you spot these then so will potential clients. Times and trends are forever changing so keeping on top of this is important for the continued success of your business.

If you're still struggling, ask others. Ask your friends, family, employees and even your clients. Getting other people's opinions is invaluable; sometimes we can become attached or are too familiar with designs we have seen and work with everyday. Asking others can really tell you how your brand and logo is perceived. 

With branding and logo design, there's usually two options: Full rebrand and a Logo refresh. To decide which option is better you should ask: From the questions above, what do you think is required? Do you want to tweak your brand design or do you want something completely different and new? 

Thinking of a rebrand?

There are many aspects to deliberate when thinking about a full rebrand. If you are rebranding, you need to think about all products you have out in the world with your logo on as this will now need to change. This means new uniforms, new signage, new business stationery, new marketing materials, website updates etc. A rebrand can take a lot of work and will be a big investment, but it can be fun to do and will benefit your company in the long run if it is done properly. 

If your logo has become outdated or no longer matches the image that your brand is trying to create, it can become unfavourable to your business. A well-designed logo can be effective in building brand loyalty and driving sales. With a rebrand, a new logo and new brand colours are usually the main aspects you'll be changing. You may even consider changing or updating the company name to fully transform the company image.

Before jumping straight into a rebrand, do your research. This is important! The branding should reflect your company personality and industry whilst attracting your target audience. Research competitors, other designs you like and ask others for opinions at every stage of the redevelopment. Doing this will lead to a brand creation that will be successful for your business. 

A Brand Refresh

There are many ways to update or refresh your logo without completely rebranding. If you are an established brand who have been trading for many years, this option can be the best as you don't want to drift far from your current logo and you still want to be recongisable to current and previous clients. A brand refresh is also much more cost effective than a full rebrand.

Refreshing a logo and branding usually consists of a few small changes that make the designs look more fresh and contemporary. This may be getting rid of an old tagline or changing some of the colours. For example, you can take your current logo (let’s say it’s a red watering can with a bunch of daisies planted in it, as you have a gardening company) and think of small changes that can refresh the design. We could swap the old daisies for a bunch of roses or lilies and change the red watering can to a darker toned red which looks more appealing than the bright red you had before. This way you haven’t changed the logo just simply given it a makeover. A new look, tone and presentation of the overall style will bring new recognition. 

Our team at DS Creative love speaking with our customers and hearing all your ideas. If you have any questions or are considering having a logo refresh or even doing a whole rebrand we would love to hear from you! Give us a call on 0114 266 9000 or email us at