Illustration Trends For 2017

Illustration is often associated with art, film, literature and other creative platforms. This means it can be overlooked when it comes to design for commercial purposes. However, illustration can be fantastic for marketing and advertising materials. See what illustration trends we are loving this year...

1) Merged Mediums

Why choose between photography and illustration when you can have the both? The innovative new illustration trend in 2017 is merging different types of mediums together. When combined, these two mediums create unique and individual compositions with a modern twist and is usually seen with an illustration layered over the top of a photograph. Using this technique, you can create eye-catching designs that will hold the viewers’ attention, making your brand/piece stand out.

2) Limited Colour Palette

Simple, minimal and elegant colour schemes where all the colours come from a single hue or merging black, white and grey is a style that has been constantly used throughout 2016. These colour palettes are timeless and powerful,. used mainly in fashion illustrations to help create focus in a visually over-saturated composition.

Limited colour pallet

3) Cinematic Imagery

This is another ongoing trend that adds a theatrical, and dramatic theme throughout illustrations. During 2016 this has continued to be used through a variety of designs, for example this technique was incorporated in the advertising of the new series ‘Stranger Things,’ giving it a truly unique aesthetic.

cinematic illustration

4) Custom Illustrated Letters

2017 is all about standing out from the crowd, so yes hand-drawn type is becoming more and more popular. This style is one of the oldest techniques, but designers are now getting even more creative with it; using new and emerging software to manipulate their illustrations. Handcrafted and stenciled lettering is used throughout hundreds of designs and will give your design a unique look that stands out and grabs the audience’s attention.

Illustrated Letters
5) 3D Illustration

3D Illustration has slowly become more popular over the past year due to online gaming and CGI movies. 3D visualisations make an illustration feel tangible, injecting it with unique character and emotion something that is difficult to achieve in 2D design.

3D illustration

What do you think?

Are you tempted to try something new this year? As most companies haven't started using illustration for commercial design purposes, it can be a great way to easily stand out from competitors. If you'd like to chat about illustration further, we'd love to chat with you! Give us a call on 0114 266 9000 or email us at 



Created by, Alice