Most Eye-catching Design Trends of 2016

Can you believe it's almost the end of the year? As Christmas draws closer, we have been reflecting on 2016 and thinking about some of our favourite design trends over the past year.

Flat Design

One of the most popular design trends of 2016 is flat design. Since Google launched this ‘visual language’, the style has been adapted by numerous companies and designers. What originally started as a web design style has now been modified by graphic designers and artists and has been incorporated in various design materials. Usually for this style, small bright colour palettes are used as well as intentional white space.

Flat design

Modern Retro Design

Borrowing styles from the past, the popular modern retro style features aspects of vintage designs. This traditional style has been inspired from many areas such as old-fashioned packaging, travel posters, stamps, and signs. Designers today have been inspired by this retro style. It is popular for product packaging as well as logos and posters. Some major elements of this retro style are badge styled logos, textures, rustic colour palettes and often script and san serif fonts.

Retro design

Geometric Shapes

Another popular style of 2016 is Geometric shapes and patterns. Again, this is inspired by traditional art styles from the 80’s. This can be applied in all sorts of ways, such as, individual graphic elements, backgrounds and more.

Geometric shapes

Negative Space

Negative and/or white space is an essential part of any good design. But used strategically, negative space can be a clever way to add deeper or double meaning to your designs, particularly for logo and branding projects. Or it can simply help give your composition a more minimal and contemporary look.

Negative space


We can't wait to see the trends 2017 brings. If you'd like to chat to us further about our design services, email us at or call us on 0114 266 9000.


Created by, Alice