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Level up your company in 2016

It's the New Year. The time where everyone takes a moment to reflect on the past year and think of ways to improve for 2016. Most of this is usually New Year resolutions of a personal nature. Most commonly, resolutions to get fit or to cut out chocolate.

But the new year is also a great time to consider how well you are doing professionally. To start - ask yourself the following questions. Are you attracting the right clients? How can you increase your sales? How can you maximise your brand awareness? One way you really up your game with all of these is to reconsider your branding

Now don't get scared. You might be thinking 'my branding is okay' or 'I like my logo as it is.' I get it. But stick with me for a minute.

Branding easily goes out of date. But why should this even matter?

Well, we all judge a book by its cover. We are awful for it. I do it all the time. It's not the nicest thing to admit but it's the truth nonetheless. Visual appearance has a great impact on the way we judge and feel towards things. And with businesses this is no different. Your branding influences what a customer thinks about your company, whether a customer will choose to use your services over a competitors and it helps customers make assumptions about your credibility.

Bottom line is: If your logo and branding look old, outdated or just give off the wrong impression you could actually dissuade customers from using your services which is exactly the opposite of what branding should do.

The Facts - How we are all affected by visuals and design 


Infographic about design

Infographic about colour Infographic about website design


If you want to know more - read our blog on what makes a great logo design and what the colour of your branding says about your business here.

So it's established how important branding is but sometimes it can be difficult to know if you actually do need a refresh or if your branding is fine as it is.

How to tell if you need a rebrand:

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1. How old is your branding?

If your logo and branding are more than 3 years old it is probably looking outdated. Your logo may have been trendy a few years ago but if it doesn’t look quite so contemporary now, you know it’s time for an update.The best, seemingly timeless, logos evolve over time. The trick is staying just one step ahead of the trend. 

2. Has your branding helped to create an iconic brand?

Is your branding and logo memorobale? The purpose of branding is to make your business stand out, be remembered and to increase brand awareness so people know who you are. In order to have effective branding it needs to be innovative so it resonates in peoples' minds. 

3. Are you attracting the right customers?

Branding should attract your target audience. So if you're a charity for women, for example, your branding should attract women. Think honestly about your branding and if it actually suits your target audience.

4. Does your branding give off the right impression?

Visuals matter and they make an impact on how people judge something. For example, if you are a company who sells yoga videos and yoga equipment you probably wouldn't use the colour red. But colours like white, grey, green, blue or other pastel colours would be great to convey the relaxation and spirtualness associated to yoga. Whereas if you saw a Yoga company with harsh red and black branding you probably won't feel it was a good brand to buy yoga related products from because it's branding doesn't align to your exisitng views of yoga.

Think about what your comapny sells, who you are attracting and what your branding should say about you. If your branding doesn't match these, it's time to update it.

5. Some other questions to consider:

Simply ask yourself: Do you like your branding? Is your logo and branding as effective as it used to be? If you were a customer what would you think your company was like based ont he branding alone.

So there you have it. I've listed the reasons why branding is so crucial to the success of a business and how to tell if your branidng is in need of a little update. 

New branding can work wonders at increasing your sales and bringing in more customers. For a free face to face consultation about how to refresh your logo or branding to kickstart your business in 2016, give us a call on 0114 266 9000, email us at or fill out our contact form here.



Created by, Alice