How To Overcome A Creative Block

Working in a company where the majority of our projects are design and marketing based, creativity is key to completing projects to the highest standard. Creativity isn't a skill exclusive to a business like ours. It's needed in all companies. Creativity helps to come up with effective ways of marketing your company, coming up with excellent products, solving problems and tackling all sorts of tasks.


We have all had that moment where we have felt irritated and at a dead end with an important project. I asked everyone in my office what they do to overcome the dreaded creative block.

7 Ways to Overcome a Creative Block 

1. Move out of your chair

A girl running

Sometimes simply moving out of your chair and doing a bit of exercise can help. Let's face it. Sitting at a desk all day is not the best for your health and it's probably not too great for your creativity either. Going out for a walk, throwing a ball around or even having a break for a good workout is a great way to loosen your mind and get ideas flowing.

According to Psychology Today, “The creative process springs as much from the subconscious as it does from a conscious thought process. Most often, creative solutions are not wrestled from your mind through sheer force of will. Eureka moments tend to occur spontaneously, almost always when the conscious mind is thinking of something else, or nothing at all.”  

2. Change your scenery

Outside scenery

Staying in the same spot is no good for creativity. When I was recently coming up for ideas for our new brochure, working in the open plan office was slowly declining both my creativity and productivity levels. Simply because working on the task was taking a long time and staying in the same place was getting me stuck in a rut and leaving me uninspired.

Going to a coffee shop over the road helped to kickstart the creative juices. The new atmosphere in there made it easier to be creative and physically made me feel as though I was starting the task again from a new perspective. Due to this, my creativity had restarted. (And yes, the caffeine supply might have contributed slightly). 

3. Collaborate

A team working on a project together

Sometimes creativity can just come to a halt. Team work is one of the best ways to overcome this. When working on a project, it can be easy to become absorbed in it entirely. Asking for a colleague or friend's opinion can often be the key to a breakthrough moment. Looking from the outside gives you the fresh perspective that can easily be missed miss when you are working on something. 

4. Get comfortable

A girl in comfortable clothing drinking a hot chocolate

It's hard to be creative when you are sat at a desk. Sometimes getting into comfortable clothing and a cosy environment can make you loosen up, relax and get the creative juices flowing.

5. Steal ideas like all great artists do

A woman designing an image on a tablet

Rarely do you come across something that is entirely new. Nothing is really new anymore. And that's okay.

Have you ever heard the quote "Good artists copy, great artists steal"? Taking inspiration from things and making it your own is one of the best ways to find your stimulation for creativity. Inspiration can be found anywhere - films, music, a novel, an advert you saw, a joke you heard, the weather. Google is a great source for finding inspiration and particularly Pinterest is an awesome platform to research ideas for design. 

It's always good to remember that nothing is completely original. All creative work builds on what came before and every new idea is a just mix of one, two or more existing ideas. It's okay to research and steal ideas from previous work but it's always important to take something great and change it something different.

6. Change tasks

A woman managing her tasks

We all know that sitting down and trying to force creativity doesn't work. When you're under pressure, forcing yourself to do something will make things worse - especially with creativity!

If you are going around in circles with an important task, change it. Do another task and let yourself have a break. When you come back to the original task, you'll feel refreshed and will be able to come back to it with more energy and a new perspective. 

7. Listen to inspiring music

A woman listening to music through headphones

For me, music is such a big influence to my productivity. If I couldn't listen to music at work, I would be uninspired - it really gives me energy to do all my tasks. Finding music that enhances your creativity will really differ from person to person. For me, I love listening to upbeat music but for another colleague they have to listen to relaxing music with no lyrics in order to concentrate. So whether rap or choir music floats your boat, the next time you have a creative block try switching up your playlist and turning up the volume - it can really boost your imagination. 

There you have it. 7 different ways to get over creative block. Do you do any of these? 



Created by, Alice