data analysis
5 Ways to Track Print Marketing Campaigns

The basis of any marketing campaign is the results. You need concrete evidence to be able to state how successful your campaign has been. You could have a pretty design, great offers, good focus group responses, but if the campaign falls flat and you don’t see a return on your investment, the campaign has failed. The ability to analyse and analyse and over-analyse online marketing is a highly valuable resource; you can break down data into the finest details, finding precisely which demographics responded to your marketing campaigns. What about print marketing?  Is there a way to track print marketing campaigns? Well, yes there is – in fact there are many ways.

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Mobile friendly website
Bespoke vs Web Design Templates

A writer has a moment of inspiration, finally that elusive topic for their next story has presented itself. They sit, ready to produce that one piece of content that will get them noticed. They stare at the empty white page, cursor blinking, and they sit a little longer, sure they know what to say just not how to say it. This is writers block.

This doesn’t just apply to writing stories, how about when imagining your website? You’re sure what you want you just don’t know how to apply it. To make matters worse, once you have finally moulded the website in your image the price sends you past writer's block and into a coma. What if there was an alternative? What if you could choose from a set of pre-designed templates to get your creativity-juices flowing and then adjust them to you, whilst also saving money? Well, this service exists, and is becoming increasingly popular amongst smaller businesses. So, what’s all the fuss about? What are the benefits of web design templates?

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