Business Cards Designed by DS Creative
Why Business Cards Are Still an Important Tool

Business cards are a staple of business marketing. They have lasted the test of time and despite the younger models of email addresses and websites finding prominence the old reliable model of business cards still plays a big part in the marketing strategy of most business. So why have business cards? What do they bring that the digital alternatives don’t?

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Website User Friendly Dos and Don'ts

A user-friendly website is the most important aspect of a digital marketing strategy. The vast majority of a customer base will now find your business online, and when they do it is important that they enjoy a seamless experience, encouraging them to stay and to revisit. The team here at DS Creative, believe that the user experience should be the first thing on any companies mind when developing a website, and here's our advice on the DOs and DON'Ts for user-friendliness on a website.

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How-To Make an Eye-Catching Design

How can a company be seen amongst the billions (Yes billions) of websites that are out there on the worldwide web? The answer is simple really, design. Clever design makes you stand out, it provides you with a great big megaphone amongst all the people who are fitting in. Though the thought of having a clever design to stand out is simple, the application of such a thing is very different. As the old saying goes, easier said than done. We have asked our resident graphic designers to give you an insight into what they think of when creating their next artistic masterpiece.

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