Log-in page design
Best Log-in Page Designs

A log-in page is so much more that just a form. Well-designed log-in pages help a user to take the plunge to signing up to a website or interacting with it's user-based features. Here are some of the best from around the web.

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How to Get Repeat Traffic to Your Website

Beyond the actual maintenance and technical issues, running a website has three major challenges; getting people to go to your website, getting people to stay on your website, and getting people to return to your website.

Repeat traffic is massively valuable. If a user has visited your website and enjoyed the experience so much they have returned, it proves that you are doing the right things. This is gold dust. Returning users are massively more likely to purchase from you, share your content, and engage on comment sections. The question remains though, how do you get people to come back to your website? Read on to find out.

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How Far Do Users Scroll - Scroll vs. Click

Unlike printed content, content on the internet can be endless. You can write reams upon reams of content to your hearts content, safe in the knowledge that there is no ‘bottom’ of the page. You do not have to fit your work into tight word constraints so it can be published in a magazine or newspaper. No, websites have released our shackles and given us the freedom to babble on to our hearts content.

Except in actual fact they haven’t. The opposite is true really. Online users have an even smaller attention span than those flicking through a magazine. So, if you listen to the general online consensus, your content should reflect that; considering many variables regarding scrolling and content structure… or should you?

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Why are Brochures Still So Effective?

Despite what some believe, print marketing is not going away. These tried and tested methods have stood the test of time and can still be highly effective even in today’s impatient online world. Brochures are a vital print marketing tool, that can prove to be just as effective as any marketing device. It is worth asking then, why? Why are brochures still effective when a customer can simply research a company themselves online? We have previously discussed this topic in relation to business cards which you can read here. For now, let’s find out why you should use brochures.

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